A Tremendous Rage Creeps into My Heart

Two weeks have elapsed since I came to Playa Del Carmen. I had never thought that life is so generous and simple when I was locked up in Japan. Here in Playa Del Carmen, I cannot believe myself that life is so beautiful. Here in Playa Del Carmen, just strolling on Fifth Avenue in the brazing sun, I am as happy as a baby Pan. People are very friendly and talk to me in a cordial fashion. The main thing is that I no longer need to see Japanese anymore. It is extremely rare for me to bump into Japanese on the streets of Mexico. Every time I see them, a tremendous rage creeps into my heart. I am absolutely livid to hear Japanese language in such an amiable country with warm people. Even hearing the sound of it makes me shudder to the core of my being. It is a total shame for me to see Japanese showing off their ignorance and meanness under a foreign sky. As a matter of fact, it is a sheer scandal. I really think that Japan does not help the world a wee bit; on the contrary, Japan has been degrading the world with frivolous gadgets and superficial technology. I do not care if Japanese enjoy their hectic life and frivolous Japanese etiquette, but they should not practice their balderdash under a foreign sky. Japan should not butt in the world to enjoy life and should not introduce their rigid customs to stiffen the world. And most importantly, Japan ought to stop converting the mankind into lifeless creatures like them and stop infecting the world with their meanness. What I can see Japan is only poisoning the world. In respect for human races, Japan ought to be secluded. In other words, Japan is not welcome to the world.

Mid-night Serenade

He gulped a bottle of beer, then suddenly asked, “Do you know when I realized you would be my best fucking biatch friend?”

“I have no idea,” I responded with an amazed look.

“Oh, man, I’ll never forget that mid-night legend. Do you remember my homestay in Vancouver? They had two beautiful daughters. And I introduced you to them. You instantly fell in love with younger one. One mid-night, you came to the homestay and started serenading right under her window with a cappella, since you couldn’t play a guitar. Remember, bitch, you passionately sang A Kiss to Build a Dream ON and finished up bawling, ‘Give me your lips for just a moment!’ It was about 3:00 a.m. The whole house was awakening due to your insane performance, so to speak. Her parents got angry and asked me to do something. I calmly persuaded you to go home for the better. After you reluctantly vanished into a foggy night, her mother was beside herself and scowled at me that she had met many Japanese students, and they were very quiet. On the other hand, you were a downright fruitcake. And she frantically puzzled out your mid-night serenade by exclaiming, ‘How could he possibly sing with such a loud voice at 3:00 a.m.?’ It was apparently incomprehensible to her but not to me. Of course, I understood your passion, so I tried to explain her that you were a very innocent Japanese bird and simply loved her daughter too much. You wanted to show your love toward her by singing. But she didn’t listen to me and said that it was simply outrage – it was the loudest voice that she ever heard at 3:00 a.m. – you were not singing but roaring. Furthermore, she wanted me not to hang around with you anymore if I wanted to stay under her roof. At that precious moment I felt that I had to defend you at any cost, for our everlasting friendship was about to begin; and wherefore, I left the homestay in the following morning, with a full of oomph. That night by listening to your passionate serenade at the window, I’ve realized that you would be my best biatch friend forever, and that we would be inseparable brothers. Jesus, Shogo, I’ll never forget your foolhardy performance, ha-ha-ha….”

“It was a total shame, brother. I can’t remember what made me go through serenading her at such an ungodly hour. I suspect that my love toward her must’ve been exploded anyway. But it was a good memory, you know…. Every single moment in Vancouver period was sacred to me although sometimes I did crazy things. Sometimes I really can’t control my mad impulse, you know, things are just out of control, ha-ha-ha…,” I admitted embarrassingly.

“Fucking Shogo, you’ll never change. I’ve witnessed countless times that you let your impulse for taking a rein to perform raving dances. You’re completely like me; you are my double, ha-ha-ha…. Bitch, allow me to have one more drink. I’ll promise this will be the very last one, Salud!”

She Must’ve Really Loved You

He guffawed amusingly, “Of course, that crazy cunt. I was so terrified. I thought she would beat us up mercilessly with her scandalous stick. She didn’t allow us to join your party and chased us away by brandishing her notorious stick, ha-ha-ha….”


“Ramon, Miki was head over heels in love with you. She always asked my help in order to get you, you know….”

He drained a bottle of beer, ordered another one, and began revealing, “I knew, bitch, Miki was madly in love with me. But I simply couldn’t allow myself to go out with her, you know…. She was fucking ugly, man. It was humiliating for me to stroll around such a beautiful city, with the ugly cunt like her. I just didn’t want to be disgraced, I suppose. Such a shame might’ve ruined my reputation as a pimp, so to say… I just couldn’t let it happen, ha-ha-ha….”

His remark hit my weak spot – I was bursting out laughing like a hyena. And I said with tears in my eyes, “I completely understand your character though. Do you remember your last day of Vancouver? – We went to the airport together. And before you disappeared into the gate, Miki suddenly emerged out of nowhere. Apparently, she waited in ambush, so that she could have a final chat with you. After you departed, she was sobbing like a forsaken orphan. She must’ve really loved you.”

“She really missed my cock,” he was nodding pensively.

“Did you bang her?” I asked curiously.

“Two days before my farewell to Vancouver, I gave her pity fuck. I was very sorry for her and realized that she had enormous teats. After I boinked her and was about to decamp, she madly rushed toward me, impulsively reached into my fly, swiftly took out my cock, passionately kissed it – almost reverently, as if my cock were a religious icon, ha-ha-ha… Oh yeah, bitch, once upon a time I, Ramon the Pimp Master, gave her the farewell intercourse as a small token, ha-ha-ha….” he was guffawing lightheartedly

What Should I Do to Realize My Destiny?

He lit his cigarette afresh and carried on, “Shogo, your life has changed a great deal since you came to Mexico. Now you are unshakably on the way to your destiny. You wake up every morning with glorious purpose and are becoming surer of yourself, day by day. You know, Shogo, I want to be like you. I want to wake up each morning with effervescence. The problem is that I hate what I am doing and don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am an eternal businessman. I want to find out what I really want to do from the bottom of my heart like you. I want to change my life. What should I do to realize my destiny?”

I looked at his eyes sympathetically and replied, “My friend, I want to help you, and I’ll do everything for you when you need some help, but not this one. I am afraid to say, I can’t help you. In fact, nobody can help you, for you must realize what you want to do for the rest of your life by yourself. This is your task. Nobody can possibly help you with it, but only you yourself can help because this already exists inside your heart. You haven’t had enough courage to look at it candidly. Gerardo, you’d better start talking to your heart in earnest.”

A Hysterical Performance

He gulped a glass of beer happily and recalled with a mirthful laugh, “By the way, I miss old time in Vancouver. We had a number of wonderful times. You always had a party at your apartment on a weekend. Remember, bitch, one day I arrived at your apartment with my Osaka cunt, and Miki got angry and kicked us out. She even didn’t let me into the apartment, notwithstanding it was your apartment. She was fucking jealous of my Osaka cunt, ha-ha-ha….”

I lit a cigarette and puffed in the air. “Of course, I remember that crazy night,” I replied reminiscently, “when Miki saw you coming with your Osaka cunt from a window, she threatened me that I couldn’t let you into the apartment unless you ditched her. Miki couldn’t control her jealous and madly stormed out to the parking in order to teach you a lesson. I saw something fierce glinting on her eyes. And then she howled at you and insulted your cunt at her top of her voices by brandishing a stick. I’m still wondering where the hell she fetched the stick anyway. It was magically appeared on her left hand as if it was by design, ha-ha-ha…. It was horrible to witness such a hysterical performance, I must confess.”