What the Fuck Marital Counselor Is?

Here I interjected a sympathetic comment, “I know you’ve never cheated on her; you’ve been faithful to her on your own way. I know you just wanted to have fun without any disturbances; however, it was wrong for you not to answer the phone, my friend. I really think that handling a marriage is goddamn difficult task, anyway.”

“Exactly, bitch! Marriage is fucking difficult,” he nodded thoughtfully and carried on alarmingly, “moreover, Carlos told me that Patricia wants to go back to Guadalajara to stay at her parents’ house for a while to think about the situation. And she wants to visit a marital counselor. I was shocked to hear such a drastic decision for her part, and I told him forthwith that it’s extremely bad idea for her to go back to Guadalajara, for we must try to solve out the domestic problem by ourselves first. We must try to solve out the problem with only family but not outsiders. If we can’t find a solution domestically, and then she can ask advice for her parents or a goddamn marital counselor, whomever she fancies. By the way, I really don’t comprehend what the fuck marital counselor is? Why the hell do many wedded couples ask a marital counselor for help nowadays? I’ve never heard such a preposterous invention in my life. I don’t believe in such a logical bull-shit! How can a total stranger help for our marriage problems? Spilling the beans to a total stranger is fucking horse feathers, I tell you!”

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