Did You Do It?

Ramon returned to the apartment with a climacteric look after the confrontation. He collapsed on the couch dramatically like the Soviet empire and looked at the window distressingly for a couple of minutes, murmuring, “Oh Lord, not like this, not like this….” And then he opened his agitated heart, in an anxious voice, “Bitch, the matter is getting complicated more than I expected. Carlos’s opening line was like this, ‘Do you want to continue living with Patricia?’ I was petrified with the foreboding question and answered immediately that I truly want to live with her and continue the marriage, like a fugitive who was startled by tapping on his left shoulder and was asked all at once, ‘Did you do it?’ And he continued he’s never seen Patricia in such a dispirited condition. She hasn’t eaten anything and has slept all day. She doesn’t even have energy to get up from a bed. He was so worried about her; that’s why he decided to have a serious talk with me. I told him that I need to have a free time and need to have fun with my friends at least once a week. I’ve done nothing wrong and never cheated on her; I’ve just had merry time with my friends. He totally understood I need such enjoyment and also added it was very bad for me not to pick up the phone. He admonished my behavior, which made Patricia overwrought. I thoroughly admit that it was my fault, and my action made her anxious to the hell.”

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