He Is No Longer a Single Man

It was past 3:00 a.m. when we arrived at his apartment. Ramon whispered, “I guess Patricia is being mad at me, because she called me over twenty times; I didn’t pick up my fucking mobile phone. But don’t worry, Shogo, I know how to handle the situation. It’ll be a little awkward for you to watch a forthcoming drama, but trust me, everything’s goanna be okay.”

When we entered the apartment, Patricia was agitatedly walking on the living room to and fro. As soon as she saw us, she said with a straight face, “Shogo, please give us for a moment.”

And then she and Ramon disappeared into the bedroom.

I was feeling uneasy, because I have seen Patricia’s indignant expression toward Ramon a number of times but not like this. Her grave look made me unsettled and gave me foreboding. Anxious twenty minutes had elapsed since they were vanished – suddenly, the door was wide open. Patricia was storming out the bed room with her belongings; behind her, Ramon was standing with a despairing look, like a candle flickers in wind and is about to be extinguished. She approached me and explained solemnly, “Shogo, I’m sorry, this is happening in your first night of visitation, but I have to do it. Ramon needs to think of the marriage more seriously and needs to commit himself to the marriage for the better. He needs to understand that he is no longer a single man; he is a married man. I’m really sorry, but I can’t stay under the same roof with him anymore. Don’t worry, Shogo, your friend will be here, and this is your house.”

With that, she was walking out the apartment. Ramon was chasing after her and was about to call her name, but he gave up and let her go with a crestfallen face.

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