I Have Good News for You

When I arrived at Cancun Airport, Ramon was waiting for me with sanguine expectations. As soon as he saw me emerging form the gate, he bolted toward me, gave a big hug, and hailed with a delightful grin, “Nice to see you again, man. We should go straight to Fifth Avenue for celebrating on our reunion. A bunch of beautiful cunts are waiting for you there, as I’ve promised. Give me your suitcase. Let me carry it for you, let’s go, biatch!”

While we were driving to Fifth Avenue, he was chattering away with animation: “Hey bitch, first of all, let me congratulate on your first book. I’m really proud of you! I can’t wait for reading your manuscript. Thank you so much! Shogo, don’t worry anything about the future. You’ll find a publisher very soon, because you’ve written the book from your true feelings. It’s just a matter of time, for everyone will recognize your talent as soon as they lay their eyes on your book, for sure. And of course, it’s my duty as your pimp master to take care of your book for being available at all sex shops and bookshops here in Mexico, ha-ha-ha…. Anyway, I have good news for you. To tell the truth, I’ve already started working on it. I know a cunt who is working for a Mexican publisher as an editor. I’ve already contacted her. She told me that it’s crucial for you to register your work as soon as possible in order to protect it. And then we should send the first chapter of your book to her. She’ll read it and think what she can do for you.”

“Thanks, Ramon. I knew I can count on you always.”

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