A Drama Is Always Waiting for Him

Every time I see Ramon Garcia, some dramas will surely happen. It does not matter where he is being in; a drama is always waiting for him, with a deadly ambush, as if he could not live without it. It is impossible for anyone to spend a day with him without a drama. As soon as you are with him, a drama will inevitably happen within twenty-four hours as sure of as God’s sunrise. Every his single action is the preparation for a future drama without his knowing it. It does not matter whether he is sleeping; it does not matter whether he is eating tacos; it does not matter whether he is driving a car; it does not matter whether he is brushing his teeth; it does not matter whether he is taking a shower; it does not matter whether he is evacuating; it does not matter whether he is fornicating; and so on and so forth. The simple truth is that every his single action produces his impending dramas: cause and effect. There are no earthly explanations, for some people are just born in this way. Whether Ramon Garcia likes a drama or not, that does not matter to the world, since it is simply ineluctable for his survival. He just cannot escape from dramas. Even if he is in Alaska, universe will find him and fetch a new dram for him, as though universe said, “Human beings can survive without water for a week, but Ramon Garcia cannot survive without a drama; he can be perished into the thin air within forty-eight hours.” Being devoid of a dram is inconceivable for his existence. Now you can imagine how many dramas I have destined to witness for my sojourn in Playa Del Carmen. With that in mind, I shall continue the story….