I’ll Say Flat ‘No’

I am standing up, approaching toward the window, and looking at the starry sky for a while. And then I say calmly, “Do you remember what we talked about at the lunch? You suggested me that I have to invest in Jorgito’s business. And you didn’t understand my refusal.”

“Yes, I remember it. Why?”

“I want to explain it to you clearly.”

“Be my guest. My ears are all yours, go on,” he is looking at me expectantly.

“As I told you, I don’t want to have easy money. I don’t believe easy money will do me any good, whatsoever. I just want you to know that if I have some money, and Jorgito asks me to invest in his business, I’ll say flat ‘No’ – I’ll never do that. On the other hands, if I have some money, and he asks me my help as a friend, I’ll do everything for him. I’ll lend him as much as I can possible. Nevertheless, I’ll refuse to take any goddamn interests! I just want you to know about that.”