Why Are You So Intoxicated?

Heading back to the apartment in an ecstatic mood, a whirlwind is suddenly blowing around me and dust is swirling to hurt my eyes. I am stopping promptly and covering my eyes. It is only a matter of few seconds. It is gone as suddenly as it came blowing. I rub my eyes carefully with my left index forefinger. As I am about to start walking, something is shining right before my feet as bright as dawn. Lo and behold, it is two hundred pesos! I cannot believe in my own eyes. I am picking it up and studying it carefully in every considerable angle for seven seconds. “It is no doubt. I am holding a genuine two hundred pesos,” I declare and nod. Once more, God has sent me the reward for my toil, with the whirlwind in order to make me understand that He always takes care of his innocent lambs in mysterious ways. I am helplessly touched by God’s generosity, and I am constantly thanking Him for not forgetting His humble servant, with watery eyes on my way to the apartment.

Gerardo is watching Smallville in his room when I sail into the apartment by singing What a Wonderful World at the top of my voice. He is bewildered to see me singing like that and asks curiously, “Why are you so intoxicated? Have some good things happened to you again?”

“How do you know something has happened to me?”

“Of course, I know you, man. I’ve known you for ten years. So what happened?”

I snatch a Marlboro from my left pocket and throw it to him by saying, “It’s for you, my friend.”

“Why? It’s not my B-day, Shogo,” he is baffled.

“God bequeathed me two hundred pesos on the street,” I reply nonchalantly.

“By Jove! Again, some good things happened to you, son of bitch! Mexico must be in love with you, ha-ha-ha…. Anyway, thanks, my friend.”

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