I’m Decidedly Inspired

Here I cannot refrain myself anymore and divulge, “Yes, I thoroughly understand you. Likewise, I’ve been obsessed with improving myself for years. I’ve seen so many Japanese who stop improving themselves after graduating university; I don’t comprehend why they voluntary stop improving themselves. Unfortunately, they’ve busied making money and forgotten essential things, such as improving themselves, having new experiences, trying to understand their purpose for life on earth, and so and so forth.”

“You’ve totally knocked me over. You definitely have your own unique thoughts and walk on your own private destiny diligently. You’re still young and yet possess a solid determination. I’m decidedly inspired. By the way, would you like to read one of my poems?”

“Yes, I’d love to.”

“I don’t have them on me right now. But I can bring them tomorrow. Why don’t we meet again here tomorrow?” he suggests, stroking his almighty mustache with his right thumb.

“I wish I could; I’m going to Playa Del Carmen tomorrow. I have another friend there to invite me to stay at his apartment.”

“You’re truly a confounded man. I’m quite overwhelmed. You have another great friend in Playa Del Carmen to wait for you to boot. You have to thank God, you know, for being born under such a lucky star. Not everybody has fortunate enough to have such great friends.”

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