I Was Incurably Lost

“It’s a miracle, you know, because it’s difficult for us to find good friends nowadays. We can’t trust anybody these days, unfortunately. What is wrong with people? Anyway, I’m astonished to know that you have such great friends who are willing to succor you. You’re a fortunate man.”

I am nodding gladly.

“By the way, you’ve told me that you’re writing a book, so have you ever published any books so far?” he queries curiously.

“No, I haven’t published any books yet. This is my first earnest attempt to write a book. And I’m proud to announce that I’ve already completed writing my first book.”

“Wonder to hear that!” he offers me handshakes. “May I ask you how long you’ve been writing?”

“I’ve been writing for good nine years. To tell the truth, I could not write anything over eight years despite of my fervent striving. However, I believed someday I could write in spite of the fact that everybody thought I was incurably lost.”

He looks at me with wondering eyes and remarks, “What a staunch heart you have!” His mustache is vibrating from too much excitement.

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