Said Good-Bye to Each Other

I fell to thinking for a while. And then I stood up with arms akimbo and announced majestically, “Your new name shall be Mr. M & M!”

He was delighted to hear the new name and loved it instantly. He started practicing the opening of his act for ten minutes and finally announced that he was ready for the new prank. We decided to pay a visit to Ryo, who was our ex-classmate. We wanted to see his reaction fist, then we would go to public places to show off his new look. Masa got cold feet and become nervous when he saw Ryo’s house’s door step. I encouraged him as I could and gave him more five minutes to practice his line. He finally gathered enough courage to pull the new prank off. I lifted him on my shoulders and pushed the doorbell expectantly. After we impatiently waited for ten seconds, Ryo opened the door and emerged from the threshold. He gazed at us confoundedly for a while and prattled, giggling, “What’s up? Shogo, why on earth are you carrying Masa on your shoulders?”

“What are you talking about? Who’s Masa? You are misunderstanding me with someone else. By the way, my name is Mr. M & M. Please to meet you, Ryo,” Masa introduced his new name pompously, since he still believed that it would work.

“No, you’re not Mr. M & M; you are Masa. Why are you faking your name? And how do you know my name if you’re not Masa?”

Masa got enraged at his suspicion and blew up, “Damn it! Ryo, you suck! You know, you really suck! You just ruined my new character! Shogo, let’s get the hell out of here!”

We went back to the park and discussed about the matter. He was still exasperated and could not believe that Ryo figured out that Mr. M& M was indeed Masa. We become a low spirit due to our failed prank and said good-bye to each other. A couple of days later, he called me that he would go to Atami, where his family had a villa. The main reason for going there was to hide from everybody, because he could not wipe up the drawings on his face. He washed his face numerous times, but it did not work. Out of humiliation, he vanished to Atami and washed his face for the rest of his summer holidays. Later on he blamed me for painting his face with permanent markers and reproached me that I painted only on his face but not mine. These accusations were too much for me to handle with; I decided to withdraw from being a prankster for good. In the summer holiday of third grade, our brotherhood dissolved until hell freeze over….

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