It’s a Wonderful Idea

When we became third grade, we were not in the same class anymore. Nonetheless, we always created a new prank together. It was a summer holiday. We were inventing a new prank at a park and discussing how to disguise our faces, so that no one could recognize us. I suggested that we should try to paint our faces with permanent markers. He agreed with my suggestion forthwith and asked me to paint his face excitedly. First I attacked his eye brows with a black marker and made them thicker like Eskimos. And then I gave him a mighty mustache, curling both edges upward to give him a little charm. I gave a big star on his forehead with a yellow marker, so that he would be distinguished. I painted red circles on his both cheeks with a red marker, so that he would be radiating like sun. To finish with it, I drew a turd on his chin with a brown marker as a small token. He looked hilarious. I was laughing at the art of my painting, holding my stomach. He checked his new look with a pocket mirror and nodded affirmatively. And he said enthusiastically, “Shogo, you did a helluva good job. I love every bit of your painting very much and always admire your creativeness. Nobody will recognize me as Masa. The time has come for us to think about a new name for me!”

“I totally agree with you, Masa. It’s essential for us to invent a new name for you,” I nodded and went on with tears of laughter in my eyes, “and also I think you have still a bit problem because of your height. You should become taller, so that nobody will recognize you. I should carry you on my shoulders, and you should do the talks.”

“Bravo, Shogo! It’s a wonderful idea!” he barked with too much expectation.

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