Tried to Prevent from Bursting out Laughing

Our teacher ordered us to follow her to the teacher’s office immediately. As soon as we entered the office, she was rebuking us in indignant voice, and her face became redder and redder. I could not explain why, but I felt so funny apropos of nothing and could not refrain from bursting out laughing. She was so angry and asked me why I was laughing, but it was impossible for me to stop laughing. Every time someone rebuked me, I was bewitched by a helpless laughing spell apropos of nothing. Whenever I got the laughing spell, it was impossible for me to prevent from bursting out laughing; nevertheless, how hard I tried to prevent from bursting out laughing with my best ability. I bit my tongue so hard and tasted blood in my mouth; I pinched my right arm mercilessly; I stamped on my left feet cruelly, and so on and so forth. But nothing worked. At last, the worst part was gone. She admonished us to promise her that we would never do any pranks again. And then she assigned us to write apologized letters to all classmates and dismissed us. After being released, we were laughing hysterically and felt incredibly lucky, for we did not attend any classes anymore. We went on foot to Kotesashi SEIYU, which had a kid’s playground on the third floor and wrote apologized letters in a quite high spirit.

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