The Whole Park was Our New Home

By the time we reached the park, it was already past 8:00 p.m. We talked about our future and concluded that we had to start a new life – the park would be our new home. We were dog-tired and sleepy, so we decided to sleep and discuss about our situations next day. We could choose any places to sleep, because the whole park was our new home. So, I chose a bench under a big tree and could see a golden crescent moon on the starry sky. I tried to sleep; however, a bunch of mosquitoes attacked me mercilessly. I could not sleep under the constant mosquito attack. Besides, I was feeling famished, because I didn’t eat anything since the morning. Masa could not sleep under this condition and felt starving to boot. As a result, we decided to reconnoiter the town to find a house where we might be allowed to sleepover.

After we circled around the town for a while, we found a cozy house with a bright light in rooms. We pushed the door alarm – a woman who seemed to be middle thirties emerged from the threshold. She was extremely surprised to see us. We explained our sorry situation, and she let us in, with a sympathetic face. She made us Japanese style noodle, and we chewed it frantically, like a beggar who is finally nourished by a gentleman after begging in vain for five days in a row.

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