We Would Leave for Good

A tense three minutes later, he appeared the park with perspiration, laughing. We enjoyed playing the toy for a while, but soon a magical attraction was gone. We got bored and began feeling guilty. We decided to take it back to the store. As soon as we entered the store, the owner was rushing toward us with a furious look. We explained that we just borrowed it and fully intended to return it to the owner. However, he was so angry and did not listen to our reasoning. I was so scared and thought that he would call police in any minutes. I had to do something to alleviate his rage, so that I could prevent him from calling police. I uttered apropos of nothing, “I was threatened to steal it.”

“Who threatened you, little boy?”

“Masa’s big brother,” I lied promptly.

“It was a very bad thing to steal, boys.”

“I know – that is why I came back here to return it with my own freewill,” my self-defense mechanism was working at the top speed.

“I know that it was difficult for you to refuse to steal it when you were threatened, especially, in your age. I appreciate for your courage to return it though. You should understand that even if you’re threatened, it’s a bad thing to steal. I understand the situation now, so I’m not informing police but have to talk to Masa’s parents. I know them, because we’re working at the same building. His parents might rebuke you, but you have to accept it, since what you did was a very bad thing. You can go now, boys. I’ll take care of the rest myself.”

As soon as we apologized, we decamped in a low spirit. We were very jittery about the inevitable punishment. We discussed the matter over and over and finally came to the conclusion: we would leave for good. We were ashamed of ourselves and afraid of going home to face our parents. Besides, Masa’s big brother was going to beat me to death when he knew that I used his name to escape from the worst situation. We had no choice but leave the town forever. Thereupon, we were unexpectedly embarking on our first odyssey and riding on bicycles to the park, which was located in the neighboring town.

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