I Had Never Run So Intense

The toy store was located on the second floor of the building. His parents owned a cloth store on the first floor of the same building, so we had to watch out for our each steps. Sneaking in the toy store, he whispered, “Shogo, follow my lead and take your position.”

“Aye, aye, sir!” I replied with my right hand, touching on my forehead, like a good soldier.

While he was being on the watch for the owner, I was positioning myself right beside the object. He glanced at me every two seconds but still did not give me any signals. Five minutes had elapsed in this fashion since I positioned right next to the object. And he was suddenly glancing at me, giving me a horse wink, and nodding. I instantly snatched the object with quivering hands and galloped lickety-split like a crazy horse. I ran as fast as I could carry my legs. I had never run so intense. I ran for my dear life with my heart in my throat. My heart was palpitating and about to explode any minutes. It was a sheer miracle, because I did not remember how I pulled it off; nevertheless, I safely arrived at the rendezvous.

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