The Dampest Plan

Above me, Mediterranean cypresses are soughing acoustically with a lukewarm breeze, that makes me lapse into reverie….

We were seven years old and in the first grade then. Masa and I were always together to look for something new to get us excited. Masa always carried M & M in his pocket. He always greeted his friends, “Do you like chocolate? Would you like to have Masa & Masa?” And then he would snatch M & M from his pocket as swiftly as lightening, with a delightful grin on his face, that was his favorite joke. He constantly stacked a dozen of M & M in his back pack, so that he would not miss any single opportunity to demonstrate his joke. To tell the truth, I was enormously jealous of his joke back then, and I am still jealous of it to this day. One afternoon, we went to a toy store and saw a transformation robot. However, it was in a box; we could not touch it. We really wanted to have it in our hands and look at it admiringly. We went to the outside and discussed about the matter heatedly. At the end of discussion, we came to the practical conclusion: we should borrow it. Apparently, we did not enough money to buy it but really want to play with it for a while. Thus, he suggested that we should borrow it for a while and play it until we are satisfied. And then we should return it to the store. He assured me that we were not going to steal it but to borrow it for a while, that was not a crime according to him. I thought that it was brilliant idea, and I was so excited about the prospect of having it in my hands soon. The biggest problem was how to operate our scheme effectively. We pondered it over and over and finally conceived of a brilliant plan. In fact, it was the dampest plan that human beings ever conceived of in the history; however, it was the excellent plan for us that moment. We decided that I would snatch it and run, because I could run faster than him; he would be on the watch for a store owner and give me a signal. Thereafter, we would meet at a parking lot.

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