He Has an Unsullied Heart

I always have a heart to heart talk with Gerardo. He is a rare person, who is genuinely open-minded and has an extraordinary ability to listen to people with enormous patience even if he does not agree with their opinions. Furthermore, he can handle any kinds of situations with ready calmness, and also he can judge anyone without any biases. From the beginning of our friendship, he accepts me as I am. He always says, “I don’t think you’re crazy, for you don’t want to take a job; you just want to be writing books. We just walk on the different paths and have the different ways of looking at life: I’m a business man; you’re an artist. Shogo, you always say that we have totally different views and diametrically opposite tendencies, but I believe that we have some similarities and think of life in the same way at some points; that’s why we’re good friends to each other. Furthermore, it’s our purpose to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and respect him for what he is: each the other’s contrary and homage.” He is turning into twenty-seven years old in several months and doing very well. HP has promoted him recently. Besides, he is planning to expand Innovati (his model agency) and open franchise in Monterey and Cancun in several months. Hence, he has been extremely busy lately. Even though he has a lot of things to take care of, he is worried about my career and has voluntarily researched how to register the manuscript for me. He has an unsullied heart. As I say, I am an emotional person, so naturally, I have occasionally disputed with him about any subjects under the sun. Every time I become fervid, he offers me a cigarette to make me calm down and remind me, “Shogo, you have to remember, I’m always open to you and nothing to hide from you.” It is a marvelous feeling to talk with each other about everything under the vast heaven sincerely without any reservations. Whenever I take a decisive step, I ask Gerardo’s advice. He is not an artist, but I always ask what he thinks about my writing and regard his opinions seriously. Even if he opposes my opinions, I heed him in all respects more than anybody else. By the same token, I esteem his ability of evaluation whenever I make an important decision.

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