Become Someone Else

Heading to Parque Mexico in the afternoon sun, I am thinking that I have never had an honest dispute with Japanese since I stepped out from my mother’s womb. They never accept a person who has his unique opinions and who is different from them. Being Japanese means that one must have the same opinions and interests with everybody else. Above all, one must be exactly like everyone else; otherwise, one is not considered as good Japanese. It is a tragedy for a person who happens to be born different in Japan; they never let him continue being different. They insult him, say bad things for him on the sly, castrate him, and crucify him. On top of it all, they try to make him feel small with all their possible meanness. And why? Because they always feel insecure and envy a person who dares to show his individuality openly. Japanese just cannot allow others become someone else, while they are nonentities. They are constantly jealous of a person who has courage to be different and has courage to go on being in his own way. They feel insulted every time they see a person who lives on his life in his own sweet way, since they know from the innermost hearts: he is superior to them and has more energy in life than them. They become disgruntled every time they see a person who has a full of life, since they have no life; they work five days a week automatically. As soon as one manifests his uniqueness in Japan, he is labeled guilty, madman, and maladjustment; he is isolated and cut off from Japanese society.

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