Don’t Understand Anything What You’re Talking About

I convey my thoughts frankly, “Gerardo, I have to tell you even if you don’t understand what I’m talking about right now. If I invest in his business and earn easy money, I can’t write real books, because I would miss precious things, experiences. I need to suffer and undertake horrible ordeals, so that I can understand how I feel at the bottom. Experiences are everything, my friend. I need to live on my own life in order to accumulate significant experiences; one cannot write a real book only from vicarious obstacles. Moreover, I know that I have to earn some money to support myself, but investing in something to receive easy money is not my way of earning money. And also taking a job to earn money is not my way either. Earning money through writing is my way. If I can’t earn money through writing, I would rather be perished. I need to cast myself into a leap of faith entirely even if this means that I’ll be terribly suffered from poverty. Even if I don’t earn enough money to support myself, I’m feeling vividly alive each day. That is the whole point to me.”

He stands up and says briskly, “Shogo, I must go right now, for the meeting is starting in five minutes. And I really don’t understand anything what you’re talking about.”

With that, he is offering me a brief handshake and running back to the office agitatedly.