You Don’t Need to Suffer

He lights a cigarette and expresses discord, “Shogo, what is wrong with easy money? You need to earn money in order to continue writing books. If you can’t find a publisher or can’t sell your book, what will happen? Right now you’re very fine, because everybody is helping you, you know, Ramon, Jorge, and me. But what will happen in the future if you don’t have money?”

“Nothing will change, Gerardo. I’m just keeping on expressing myself and writing books. I believe in myself. I’m pretty sure that I’ll find some way to carry on writing if I don’t give up. If one wants to do something from his innermost being, universe will help him. I strongly believe in that. Look, Ramon, Jorge, and you are helping me right now.”

“Because you’re surrounded with good people right now. But what will happen if you don’t have money in the future. Think about it seriously, Shogo. If you invest in it and receive easy money, as you put it, it’ll help you to keep on writing books, nevertheless. Writing books is your dream, isn’t it? You can’t run on writing books without money, my friend. Furthermore, I don’t understand why you always say that you need to suffer in order to write books. Why, Shogo? You can write books without suffering, I suppose. There is a way to earn money, so you don’t need to suffer. If there is no need to suffer, why do you prefer to suffer voluntary? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Please consider about the investment – you don’t need to suffer, Shogo.”

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