Refuse to Receive Easy Money!

He drinks the glass of water and falls to pondering for a while. And then he suggests, “Shogo, I’ve been thinking that you should invest in something, so that you can earn some money to keep on writing. Right now you don’t have a job and have no steady income. I know you don’t care about money, but you need money to survive. For example, why don’t you invest in Jorge’s business? I always invest in it and earn a moderate sum.”

“No thanks, my friend. I’ll never do that. Besides, I have no money,” I reply laconically.

“I know you don’t have money right now. I’m just saying that when you have it, you should invest in his business, so that you can earn money without doing anything. As I’ve said, I’ve invested in it and earned reasonable sum for a couple of years. I don’t do anything; I just give money to him. He gives it back to me with interests after houses are constructed and sold. I think that it’ll be a good idea for you as a writer, for you’ll have a time to write your books without worrying about economic circumstances.”

“I don’t need easy money, my friend,” I exclaim. “If I have such easy money, I can’t write. I don’t care about money, but I truly care about my work. Look at me, Gerardo, I’ve been writing the truth and telling the world that money is not important. I’m telling the world that the essential thing in one’s life is to realize who he truly is. If I invest in it and earn easy money, nobody will believe in my books, which are supposed to speak the truth and communicate with people, you know…. People will recognize from writing if the books are real or not. Besides, I need to suffer, so that I can write with deep emotional expressions. Sorry my friend, I’ve been fighting for what I believe in. I’ll never invest in it and refuse to receive easy money!”

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