Go Back to the Real World、My Friend

“It’s very sad to hear that I can’t trust people. You have a plenty of experiences to deal with a bunch of business men, so I won’t contradict you. However, I want to trust people. I don’t think that I’m going to resister my book. I’ll keep on sending the part of my manuscript to publishers. When I find the right publisher, they’ll get a copyright for my work. I think it’ll be no problem. Without trusting each other, everything will be collapsing eventually.”

He wipes his mouth with a napkin and counters with a displeased look, “As you said, it’s the very sad world we’ve lived in, for we can’t trust in each other anymore. But this is the reality, and you have to face it. Think about your hard toil, Shogo. If people steal your work, your past efforts will be nothing. Go back to the real world, my friend. Please get the manuscript registered and protect it. I’m not saying that trusting people is a bad thing; on the contrary, it’s a very good thing. I want to trust people either, but I simply can’t do it – that’s the goddamn reality.”

“But I can trust you.”

“It’s a totally different matter, since I’m your friend. But you can’t trust businessmen.”

I am looking for people passing-by for few seconds and utter considerably, “Thanks for the advice, my friend. However, I want to trust people even if they steal my work. You said before that if people steal my work, my sweet will be nothing. No, my friend, I don’t think so. Do you know why? Because I have the enormous satisfaction with my work. For me, reward, fame, and money aren’t the top priorities. To be candid with you, I don’t care about these insufficient things. People might steal my work, but people can’t steal my satisfaction, my friend.”

“Yap, you’re absolutely right about everything. I earnestly admire your purity and truly wish that I could agree with you, but people have to eat, you know. You need money, my friend. What you said is very beautiful and ideal. Or even poetic I should say. But in the reality people need to earn money to survive. Satisfaction is simply not enough; it is not able to give you a shelter, food, clothes, and so on and so forth. You need money to obtain these things. I think you should be more realistic. Sometimes I don’t understand you….”

“I might be a naïve artist and might not perceive the reality, as other people do, but I think if we can’t trust people and if we can’t appreciate a pure satisfaction, is life worthwhile to live? We’re living in the very sad world, my friend.”

“Yap, I admit we’re living in the very sad world, but what can we do? Starving to death? Not on your life, my friend.”

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