You Can’t Trust People

His skeptic attitude toward people puzzles me enormously. Thereupon, I call into question, “Why, Gerardo? How can people steal my work? I think that it’s quite impossible for people to steal my work, since I’ve used my own name and written my confession. I think you worry too much.”

“No, I don’t, Shogo, I know what I’m talking about. Sorry to say, but I think you’re the epitome of an artist who is totally indifferent to the business. You only know how to write, but you don’t know how dirty the modern business world is. All in all, you’d better know that you can’t trust people who can do anything in order to make money. As a matter of fact, it’s easy for them to steal your work. For instance, just change your name into Mike or something. It’s very easy; indeed, it’s extremely easy to steal your work, my friend.”

“I’m not following you, my friend. It’s incomprehensible, because this is an autobiographical novel, and I have written about Japan and Mexico. Moreover, I’ve written about you, Jorgito, and Ramon. So, how can people declare my work is theirs?”

“Listen, Shogo. For instance, someone just changes your name into some Japanese name and declare that he has Mexican friends. Gerardo, Ramon, and Jorge are his friends. And the world is going to believe him. At that juncture, it’ll be extremely hard for you to prove that the work is yours unless you register the manuscript. If you register it, you can protect your work and prevent it from stealing. I’m telling you this, for I know about the modern business world. I always talk to Mexican, American, European, South American business men who always try to look for the advantage to make money. I can’t trust any of them. People are always ready to deceive you to make more money; this is the reality that you have to deal with, unfortunately.”

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