Today Is a Beautiful Day

As soon as I hit the street, the glare of bright sunbeam is greeting my eyes. I am sauntering on the streets of Condesa leisurely with my hands in my pockets, whistling. “Why do I have to hurry? I have no schedule. In fact, I owe the whole world’s time. Let’s enjoy strolling in the sun for a while. Today is a beautiful day, so well worth a detour on the way to Starbucks,” I talk to myself in a full of good sprit.

I return to the apartment around 2:00 p.m. to eat lunch with Gerardo. About two months ago, a cheap restaurant was opened on the grand floor of the apartment. With only forty pesos, I can eat soup, rice, boiled egg, steak, and side salad. As a matter of fact, food is delicious and voluminous. Without any considerations, we always eat lunch there.

I am skipping to the down stairs after leaving my backpack at the apartment. As I show up at the restaurant, Gerardo has been there already, sitting down on a stool outside, and enjoying being bathed in the blazing sun. I sit down right across him and hail, “How’s your day, my friend?”

“I’m very busy, man. I have a meeting in thirty minutes – that’s why I came here earlier than usual.”

Here a waiter is bringing me a soup with a cordial smile.

“He remembers you, Shogo. You don’t need to order, ha-ha-ha….”

Gerardo pours strawberry water into a glass, gives it to me, and inquires, “Have you find any good agencies or publishers?”

“Thanks for concerning, my friend,” I drink strawberry water and reply, “Yes, I’ve find some publishers. And I’ve sent the part of my manuscript to them past couple of days.”

“Have you registered the manuscript?”

“Never intend to do, my friend.”

He stops eating and looks at my eyes apprehensively. And then he reproaches me, shaking his head disagreeably, “Shogo, you don’t know anything about business. Why did you send your manuscript without registering? It’s very dangerous, man. I’ve already told you numerous times that you’d better protect it first. What will happen when people steal your work and use it for their own benefit? You should think about it more seriously, man, since you’ve been struggling to be a writer for over nine years. Your ignorance for the reality might cause an unfavorable outcome: your past labor will be nothing when people steal your work.”

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