I Just Follow My Heart

When I finished telling the story, Jorgito came out with fascination, “Shogo, it was the outstanding story. You must write about it in your next book! Every time I listen to your legendary stories, I feel like receiving an awakening call, so to say…. Oh my God, it’s already half past ten. Whenever I talk to you, time flies away as quickly as a flash. I have to go, amigo, for I’m going to Toluca tomorrow in the early morning. Thanks for sharing your piece of personal history with me. I’ll miss you already – please come back to Mexico City soon!”

He gave me a cordial hug, offered me strong handshake, and walked out, waving his right hand.

I installed myself in the couch and looked at the ceiling for a while. And then I fell to thinking if I made the right choice seven years ago. Yes, I had the chance to graduate the college and transferred my credits to university. I might have a good job and might have a good salary now. But is that everything? No, I do not think so. I admit that I have noting now. I do not have a job, do not have income, do not have any title, and do not have any resource. Do I regret the choice? Nope – I do not regret anything. I still think that I made the right choice. Now I am doing what I love every day and enjoy my life to the fullest. All in all, I live on my life in my own way and feel alive each day. I absolutely have no regret that I walked out the college, so that I could live on an artist’s life. Apparently, the artist’s life is not easy one, but this is who I truly am – I just follow my heart. Aye, everyone has the right to choose his own path. Life is only one time, so we should try to live on our lives according to our heart’s prompting. You might say what will happen if you fail? Nothing will happen, my pessimistic friends. You might fail many times, might lose your courage, might be suffered from ruthless insults, might undergo awful depression, might endure melancholic periods, and so on and so forth. So what? I assure you that even if one falls into the bottomless abyss, he is still alive unless he voluntarily extinguishes the torch of his enthusiasm for life. If we do not let ourselves take a risk, we will never have emotional devastated experiences. Besides, you can always learn something from a defeat. On top of it all, we can feel alive each day when we let ourselves walk on our private destiny ultimately. Forget what other people think of you, stop listening to what other people say, do not let other people to control your life, and do not let other people to manipulate you to make a wrong choice. Ask your heart first, follow your heart faithfully, and sing your song in your own tune at the top of your lungs, that all mankind should do!

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