Just Enjoy My Life

His lips started twitching involuntarily, and a bitter glint was appearing in his eyes. He glared at me for a while. And then he began explaining, “I talked to your professor about your essay. She told me that your essay is very interesting. She took a considerable time to read it thoroughly. She thinks your creativity is too high. Your unusually high creativity caused you to astray from the topic. And I agree with her point. Your essay is quite off topic because of your uncommonly high imagination.”

I nodded to myself apprehensively and replied, in a firm voice, “Many thanks for your observation. I very much appreciate it. But I totally disagree with your opinion. I think that creativity and imagination are imperative tools for one to write. On top of it all, imagination is everything. I think everything is crystal clear to me now. Thanks for teaching me what I don’t need to learn.”

With that, I stood up, bowed, and walked toward the threshold.

“Shogo, please wait. Allow me to ask you one last question. What do you want to do in your life?”

“Just enjoy my life.”

“What? You just want to enjoy your life?” he was flabbergasted.

I looked at his eyes squarely and nodded solemnly. And then I stepped out the English department with unwavering determination….

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