Education System Is Wrong

He looked at me sympathetically and responded curiously, “Shogo, I admit that it was wrong for her to end the conference abruptly; nonetheless, I think you offended her a bit too much. I know you simply wanted to discuss about your opinion earnestly though. By the way, Shogo, you just said education system is wrong. So, tell me what you think of education?”

“I think education is not merely taking a note and memorizing what professors teach us. Education is not just remembering and memorizing. Education means understanding a subject. One should understand a subject and should have his own opinions as well. Education system should cultivate students’ uniqueness, encourage their own unique ability, and support them to recognize their unique potency at maximum.”

“It’s a very interesting theory, Shogo. However, I don’t think remembering is a bad thing. I am a scientist. I believe that memorizing is necessary for education. Of course, as you mentioned, understanding a subject is the most essential one.”


“Shogo, I’ll talk to Tim, who is the Dean of English department. I’ll give your essay to him. Please give him a couple of days to read it. You should see him in the following week. He has a lot of experiences; he’ll give you some good advice. Moreover, after you talk to him, and the problem is ironed out, please give your essay to me, for I’m really interested in reading it. I hope everything will be okay.”

“Thanks for the arrangement. I’ll be glad to talk with him,” I stood up and stepped out the office backwardly, bowing.

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