Do I Make Myself Clear?

“Listen carefully. America had burned his books, because he told the truth and expressed his sincere feelings. He showed his anger at his own country without any reservations. He criticized American society system and way of life forthrightly. He wanted to change the world for the better, you know….”

“But it broke the ice eventually.”

“Yes, that’s correct. It broke the ice eventually, for he was a great writer; his writing has the power to influence a great deal of people. Even these days a lot of people still admire him and read his books in order to be enlightened. I’m telling you this due to your ignorance. Henry Miller believed in himself faithfully and never wrote for majority in order to earn money; he wrote his books, so that he could express his true feelings. Fame and money were doodly-squat to him. His only concern was expressing himself ultimately. Do you really think that this sort of man’s opinions is low level? You can insult me anytime you want, but I can’t allow you to insult the man, whom I revere to the heaven. Do I make myself clear?” I countered emotionally.


“Maybe, Henry Miller was a rare man who didn’t concern about the majority. However, in reality, writers concern about the majority when they write books; otherwise, nobody will read their books.”

Her pride did not allow admitting her mistake, that was the last straw for me. I had to fight for what I believed in. Thus, I said what I had to say, “I totally disagree with you; I think you’re hopelessly erroneous. I don’t want to fritter away my time anymore. I’ll drop out the course with pleasure. It’s already too much nonsense to me.”

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