Her Parting Words Outraged Me

She nodded pensively, “Well, Shogo, I need to give you a grade on this essay.” She pretended to be looking at her note in order to give me an impression. She wrote down the grade on the last page of my essay, handed over it to me, and resumed, “I gave you ‘F’ on this essay. You failed on this time. I think your essay is quite off topic. I read your essay very carefully with extra attention and reached the conclusion. And you don’t care about grade, so….”

“It doesn’t matter. I didn’t expect that you’d understand my essay anyway,” I was standing up and walking to the door. As I was about to step out the threshold, she gave me Parthian shot, “Shogo, I forgot to tell you one thing. Many critics said that Henry Miller’s opinions are very low level and laughed at them.”

Her parting words outraged me. It was okay with me that she insulted me and failed me. As a matter of fact, I put up with this frivolous reality, notwithstanding I was nauseated of preposterous education system to the hell. Still and all I could not allow her to insult my hero. “Why did she insult Henry Miller?” I was talking to myself aloud while waiting for an elevator. I could allow her to insult me as much as she wished but never my hero. I could not forgive her and determined to make her apologize for gibing my hero. I decided to decline her proposal flatly and made my mind to have a straight talk with the principal.

Thereupon, I dashed to the principal’s office as fast as I could carry my legs, with indescribable indignation. I told the principle everything down to the last details. He thought that some misunderstanding must have occurred between us. For that reason, he wanted me to go back to the English department to talk with her again and come back to his office to let him know of denouement.

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