It Was Beyond Insulting

“I think we should find a few adjustments in somewhere between us. I now know that you apparently have your unique thoughts. What I’m concerning is that your opinions are too strong. I’m worried about an upcoming presentation. You know, we’ll have the group poetry presentation soon. Anyway, to make a long story short, I want you to pretend to agree with your team-mates’ ideas, and I don’t want you to say anything about your thoughts during the presentation. I don’t want you to say, for example, ‘I think that the poet didn’t feel nature; he just wrote with his technic, etc.’ – something like that. It’ll certainly give a bad influence on my students. Listen to me, Shogo, I’m not finished yet. If you agree with me that you’re not saying anything during the presentation, I’ll allow you to do whatever you want to do in the rest of semester. It means that you can read books whatever you fancy during the class and that you no longer need to give your attention to what I’m teaching; you just sit down to be quiet and don’t say anything – don’t rock the boat. I don’t want you to say anything for the rest of semester, do you understand? In addition, you can choose topics whatever you’d love to write for other essays. I won’t correct any grammar mistakes and won’t write any comments on your essay, because you apparently don’t care what I write. I think you care only what you think. As a result, I’ll simply write a grade on a last page of your essay and give it back to you henceforth.”

I was shockingly befuddled by her proposal. It was beyond insulting; I had never been so offended to the highest degree in my life. I was awfully disappointed in her and just wanted to end this degrading discussion forthwith; therefore, I simply said, “I don’t care what you think of my writing.”

“I take it as Yes,” she seemed relieved somewhat, smiling.

“Anything else? Can I go now?” I asked as casually as possible.

She looked at me satisfyingly and inquired, “Why did you choose this course, Shogo?”

“I had no choice. The counselors told me that I need to get nine English credits.”

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