I Wanted to Express My True Feelings

A couple of weeks later, my professor gave back our essays to us. I was extremely curious what grade she gave me. At my great surprise, instead of giving me a grade on the last page, she just wrote: To see me.

When I entered the English department, she was expecting me. She brought a chair and asked me to sit down. As soon as I sat on the chair, I began studying her desk. Lo and behold, there was an over-sized James Joys’ poster was pasted on the wall right before her desk. She was writing something on her note and then turned back to me. She looked at my eyes squarely and said, “Do you know why I’ve asked you to see me?”

“You want to talk with me about my essay, I assume.”

“Yes, I actually need to talk to you. I’ve read your essay a couple of times. In fact, I’ve spent a considerable time on it. I just want to know why you wrote it in this specific way.”

“Just because I want to express my true opinions, instead of writing what you want to hear.”

Her face became serious, and she begun cross-examining, “What do you mean? And why did you quote from Henry Miller? Why did you talk about James Joyce in this unfriendly fashion?”

“I just wrote my true opinion about James Joyce. What’s wrong with that? Am I forbidden to write what I truly feel? Furthermore, what is wrong with me to quote from Henry Miller? He was a great writer. I quoted from him, for his opinions of James Joyce happened to agree with mine. You said that I had to quote from some credible statements to support my opinions; therefore, I quoted from Henry Miller.”

“Sure, sure, of course, there is nothing wrong with you to quote from Henry Miller, who was a great writer, and so was James Joyce; nevertheless, I totally disagree with your opinions. Besides, you didn’t use any statements and opinions what I’ve taught you in class. Why is that?”

“Because I’ve been sick of writing what you want to hear. I wanted to express my true feelings.”

“Shogo, you don’t care about your grade, do you?”

“Nope. I don’t care anything about grade.”

“I’m just beginning to know you….”

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