Start Walking on My Private Destiny

Jorgito and I share everything with each other without any secrets. Consequently, I willingly disclosed him about the cardinal episode to the last detail. It was seven years ago….

I had been attending the college in Vancouver and taking an English literature course. I was dumbfounded with my professor, for what she had been teaching in the classroom was totally unfamiliar with me. Besides, I was enormously disgusted with the atmosphere of the place and stupidity of the curriculum.

One day she came to the classroom with excitement, for she was going to teach us her favorite writer, James Joyce. It was too much for me to witness her frivolous teaching. She stressed extremely unimportant passages and asked us to interpret them. The most preposterous behavior was that when she heard a student saying what she loved to hear, she shouted deliriously, “Bravo!” in unduly fervent voice. Moreover, she gave us an assignment to write an essay about James Joyce, which escalated me to start walking on my private destiny.

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