I Am Extremely Curious

“Jorgito, beyond shadow of a doubt, I’m on the same page with you,” I nodded perceptively.

“I knew you would understand me; that’s why I’m telling you this. However, I’m extremely mad at myself, for not ignoring their advice. I’m ashamed on myself for attending the university. On top of it all, I’ve regretted enormously that I frittered my time away for nothing,” his eyes glinted fire.

And then he wiped his brow and glanced so fiercely at the ceiling that his gaze seemed to pierce it and rise into heavens.

I looked at his eyes sympathetically and said, “I really believe that experience is everything. I think that you needed to attend university, so that you could learn what you don’t need for your life. Now your coal-and-ice experience has taught you the essential thing for your life, that attending university is totally unnecessary for your career. We can learn from our experiences, you know. I really think that you needed to undergo these frustrated periods, so that you could realize which road you would be supposed to walk on. Here and now, you’re undoubtedly walking on your unique road, congratulations, amigo!”

“Oh, thank you very much, Shogo, notwithstanding I still think that I should’ve dropped out the university. Anyway, how about you, I know you walked out the college in order to be a writer.”

“Yap, I still think that I did the right thing. It was the one of crucial events in my life, “I came out with consideration.

“Shogo, please tell me what exactly happened. You’ve never told me what made you such a vital decision. I want to know everything. Pray tell me about it from the beginning. I am extremely curious.”

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