I Have Great News

I dropped my backpack on the table and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I drunk it and let myself plop down the couch. And then I looked at his eyes rapturously and announced mightily, “Today I have great news for you, amigo.”

“What is it? Tell me, Shogo. Tell me about it right now!” he was excited, breathing heavily.

I declared slowly, “I FINISHED WRITNG THE BOOK.”

“Deveras, amigo?”

I nodded twice and gave out pompously, “Yap, Jorgito. I did it.”

“Oh my God! It is the greatest news I’ve ever heard from you. Felicidades, amigo!”

With that, he gave me another warm hug.

I was standing up and starting to express my gratitude ceremoniously, “Jorgito, I want to say something. Because of you, I could finish writing the book.”

Here he interrupted me by wringing his right hand, “No, no, Shogo, please don’t begin it because I’m too sensitive.”

“Jorgito, I know you’re very sensitive but please let me finish it.”

“Okay, amigo. Go ahead. My ears are all yours,” he yield with moisten eyes.

“Jorgito, you’re the reason I could finish writing the book. You’re the one, who asked me to come to Mexico in order to write the book. If you hadn’t offered me this golden opportunity, I would’ve been still suffering in Japan. You’ve constantly encouraged me and made my dream come true. Many thanks for your friendship. I just want you to know what you’ve done for me is beyond appreciation.”

“You’re very welcome, Shogo!” he stood up touchingly, with a strange, sparkling glint on his eyes, and then he gave me a strong handshake.

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