Delighted to See You

When I came back to the apartment, Jorgito was sitting on the couch, propping on his elbows. As soon as he caught a glimpse of my shadow stretching out the living room, he sprung up, trotted toward me with a huge grin, and said abruptly, “Where have you been, idiot?” And without hearing my reply, offered me a handshake, gave me an amiable hug, and patted my back twice.

I was a little surprised to see him and asked, “How did you get into the apartment? Where is Gerardo?”

He bellyached with a glint of suspicion in his eyes, “Idiot! I was waiting for you here. Did you check a text message? I sent you the message that I want to see you and would be waiting for you in front of your apartment, but you didn’t answer. About forty-five minutes ago, Gerardo came back. We called you a couple of times, but you didn’t pick up the stupid mobile phone. And then Gerardo beat it again about twenty minutes ago. He’s hit the road to El Apache Loco with Jessica. Where were you, man?”

“Lo siento, amigo. My mobile phone was in my backpack, so I couldn’t hear anything. Besides, I forgot everything today except my book. Anyway, I’m delighted to see you here, Jorgito.”

“Same to you, amigo. You’ve always busy writing the book recently and don’t go out with us anymore. I just come here to check if you are fine, you know….”

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