I Felt the Most Wonderful Sensation in My Life

Here suddenly, the wind was blowing a strong gust from east. My napkin was flown away by the mysterious blast. It was actually for few seconds. And I felt the most wonderful sensation in my life. While the forceful gust was driving away the napkin, I definitely heard that someone called my name and definitely felt that something affectionately stroked my right cheek. Thereupon, I sprung up and looked around left, right, and in all directions but could not see anyone whom I could recognize. I did not comprehend anything, so I said aloud, “Yes” but got no response. I even winked in all directions, but it was no use. I was flabbergasted with overwhelming sensation and stupefied by a ghostly apparition for two minutes. After the brief period of bewilderment, I finally decided to go inside to get another napkin.

Coming back to the table – I was about to sit down, a man who was sitting right next to my table said, “Amigo, you dropped your money under the chair.”

At first I did not understand anything, because my wallet was in my jeans’ back pocket. Thus, I uttered, “What did you say?”

“Amigo, your money is under your chair.”

I looked at under the chair. Lo and behold, there were shining three bills lying on the ground. In fact, there were twenty, fifty, and hundred notes under the chair. I picked them up without thinking and casually stashed them into my wallet, as if they rightly belonged to me. And then I gave voice, “Gracias, amigo. Se lo agradezco mucho.”

“De nada, amigo,” he replied with a cordial smile.

As soon as I heard his positive reply, I cleared out as naturally as possible.

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