Everything Will Be All Right

It was the balmy night with a gentle breeze on the air. I could see the full moon on the night sky. I was looking people swimming-by, without thinking about anything for a while. And then I lit a cigarette and lapsed into reverie. I still could not believe that I have already finished writing my first book. I just wrote every single day devotedly, without perceiving exactly to where my ship was sailing. I could not count how many times doubts assailed into my head and how many times I thought that I might have been writing rubbish. However, every time pessimistic thoughts arose in my head, I reminded myself what my idol Henry Miller taught me, “The most difficult thing on this earth is to believe oneself entirely. If one can clear that stage, he can accomplish anything.” It is actually awesome feeling to write a book every day with a complete attention. Having through the writing process, I have experienced a strange sensation. Each time I finished writing a chapter, my confidence has gotten stronger and stronger. I felt that I was writing something that contributes to the world. I feel a wee bit sad now, for I already miss the intensity of writing a book every day. And also I feel a wee bit anxious for tomorrow, since I am no longer writing a book but should start looking for a publisher. Even though my future is still unknown, and I have to embark upon a new journey soon, my innermost heart tells me that I should not worry about anything; everything will be all right. All in all, I have started realizing that the completion of my first literary achievement gives me courage. The most imperative discovery throughout my first journey of writing is that my confidence as a writer has just turned into certainty.

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