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Sitting on a bench and looking at the fountain under the glorious sun, I was thinking how many times I have come here to mull over writing. I could not remember how I began writing my first book after fervid nine years effort. It suddenly happened – I have become a writing machine and written it like a man possessed every single day without any rest. All of a sudden I have embarked upon the journey of writing the book; I have arrived at the destination unawares, without knowing how I have successfully sailed on unknown sea. Dear me, I have competed writing my first book!

I was beyond myself and still did not understand what just happened. However, one thing was crystal clear to me: I must celebrate. With this strange exciting mood, I decided to go to Fishers to eat a savory lunch and then go to Antara Polanco to watch a movie.

I came to Starbucks around 8:00 p.m. – I ordered Strawberry Frappuccino and decided to find a table outside, so that I could watch people passing-by and contemplate the starry night sky. As I sailed out, humming, there were already so many people enjoying the night life after their hard works. I thought that it was difficult for me to find a table outside at the happy hour time; I should find a cozy table inside. At my great astonishment, a woman was inquiring me whether I wanted to have a table, because she and her friends were about to leave. I thanked them and ensconced in a chair happily. “It was God,” I thought to myself. “He made them leave, so that I could enjoy easing off the wonderful night; today is the special day for me, indeed,” I nodded appreciatively.