I Can’t Trust Any Women

“Shout up, man! I don’t remember precisely why I didn’t see Maria that particular weekend, but I was very sure that she didn’t join the Brazilian fornicating trip! Maybe, she was sick – that’s the reason I spent the weekend with you.”

“Calm down, Gerardo. It was ten years ago, man! Why do you defend Maria so adamantly?”

“No, Shogo, I don’t defend her, you know… I just want to state the fact. I’ll ask Maria about it tomorrow. I’ll send her e-mail. I’m very positive that she didn’t go there!”

“As you wish, ha-ha-ha….”

He opened the window and lit a cigarette. And he spilled the beans, “As I said before, my heart is petrified now because of Maria. I really miss old myself. I was as pure and innocent as a dove. Shogo, look at me, now I can’t trust any women. Suspicions constantly crawl into my head and constantly alert me to keep guarding my impaired heart. Do you know why? Just because I don’t want my heart to be broken again. It’s so horrible, you know… when loved one breaks one’s heart. I just can’t take a risk to open my heart to anyone again; I just can no longer endure it anymore.”


“Shogo, you know what I’ve been thinking about?”

“No clue. Fire it away!”

“You know what I’ve realize after all; I’m not only one whose heart is broken by the first love, but your heart as well. Shogo, Clarissa broke your heart, too.”

“Yeah, what can we do about that?” I looked at outside wistfully.

“Not lift a finger, I guess,” he muttered and thoughtfully drove into the gloomy night.

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