I Was Flabbergasted

“What are you talking about? Clarissa and Maria went there to boot.”

“Are you trying to make a revenge on me? It doesn’t work, my friend. Yes, I clearly remember that Clarissa went there, but not my angel!”

“Imbecile! Maria went there with them to boot. It was Brazilian trip – we were excluded. Don’t you remember that we went Cambi Pub before the night they went to Vancouver Island? They were there as well and talking about the trip among themselves, so we found a table by ourselves and drunk alone. And then you came to stay at my apartment throughout the weekend, for Clarissa and Maria were gone.”

“I remember I stayed on the weekend at your apartment. But I swear in the name of Holy Virgin, Maria didn’t join them,” he uttered with unduly solemnity.

“What’s wrong with you?” I was flabbergasted and uttered, “she went there – that’s why you stayed at my apartment on the entire weekend. Otherwise, you would’ve gone out with Maria.”

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