Let’s Have Hope, My Friend!

“I’m wholeheartedly on the same page with you, my friend,” I was nodding understandingly. “I really think you’re right about them. Sometime ago greater and prouder things were needed to conquer women’s heart, but they have lost righteous pride, moral strength, and priceless simplicity. But what can we do about it? There is actually nothing to do about it; the only thing is to keep the loss within limits. Maybe, we still have a chance to find a pure woman in the four corners of earth and will meet her someday, perhaps? Who knows? Let’s have hope, my friend!”

“I hope so, my friend. I really wish you’re right about it. However, I must warn you, Shogo, it’ll be goddamn difficult for us to find a pure woman more than winning a lottery ticket, trust me on that score.”

“Ha-ha-ha, just try to be more optimistic, my friend. By the way, I’m beginning to realize the unpleasant fact about ten years ago. Do you remember when Brazilian organized the trip for Vancouver Island? And it was only for Brazilians, so we were excluded.”

“Are you still talking about ten years ago, you, sentimental idiot? Of course, I remember it,” he was laughing.

“You know, Gerardo, what I’ve realized just now? I guess they had orgy there. I really think they fornicated with each other, what do you think?”

“I think so, my friend. Unfortunately, you’re on the right track. I truly believe they had orgy there. I’m sorry, my friend. But thank God, Maria didn’t join them!” he stressed the last words passionately.

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