I Admire Her Pride

While we were driving to the night club, he started talking his eternal theme again, “Shogo, you know, I read a book about a woman confessing her innermost feelings. I did not remember the title of book and her name either, but it gave me the tremendous impact. I remember that she was a Norwegian – I used to call her Frue. Righteous. Anyway, it set in the beginning of ninety century. She was married and happened to love another man. She wanted to have an affair with that man, but her conscience didn’t allow her cheating on her husband. She described her emotional struggle intensely in the book, and she heroically fought for the temptation. At the end she overcame it and arose from it gloriously – she had a happy life with her husband. What I’m trying to say here is that women were not bitches a long time ago. I admire her pride to the blue heaven. I think it is beautiful and admirable. I’m so disappointed in modern women, you know. It is hardly correct to say that women are corrupt; they have simply reached a certain degree of hollowness; they have degenerated and grown small. What makes me lamentable the most is that they sniff at everything and give everybody the willing glance – they are happily deflowered at the very first opportunity. I really think my mom never cheats on my father. She takes care of family, cocking, household, and above of all, faithful to my father. However, modern women are unable to resist temptation and able to cheat on us, without any guilty conscience. They’ve lost their dignity and become shallow. I miss Frue. Righteous’ dignity!”

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