Why Can’t You Just Let It Go?

I stood up, approached the window, and looked at passers-by on the street remorsefully for a while. And said, “Let’s go eat something and then go to your meeting. You just ruined my creative mood. I can’t write anything today with this doleful feeling.”

“Pardon me, my friend. It was not my intention to make you sad. Give me a few seconds to dress up for meeting, and we go. Anyway, I still don’t comprehend one thing. It was ten years ago, so why are you so upset? Why are you becoming too emotional? Why can’t you just let it go?”

“Idiot! You should remember that some people forget about their loved one for just a year, but I’ve treasured her in my heart for ten years!” I growled with tears still in my eyes.

When we hit the street, we could see the beginning of sunset. It was comfortable weather, and I could feel that a soft breeze was caressing my bear arms. However, the grey clouds were starting to appear on the sky, as though they mirrored my heart.