You Just Don’t Get It!

It was ten years ago, and it was so silly though, I could not prevent from hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

“What? Are you weeping, my friend?” he was totally surprised and looked at me guiltily.

After a brief pause, he carried on, “Why, man? It was ten years ago. I’ve already warned you many times that you should stop putting Clarissa high up. She is just a modern woman who cheats on her boyfriend easily, without any guilty conscience. She is just like other cotemporary women – that’s all, my friend.”

“Numskull!” I roared emotionally. “You just don’t get it. She was actually high up! You just ruined my beautiful memory. It’s all over now, thanks to you!”

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t want to make you sad. But you shouldn’t destroy your beautiful memories with her all at once; you had indeed spent a wonderful time with her. I’m just saying that it doesn’t mean she didn’t love you, since she cheated on you. She loved you, I know my friend. Just modern women are like that, so you shouldn’t take it to your heart, my friend.”

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