You Are a Very Lucky Bird

He settled back on the couch again and inquired, “So, Shogo, tell me, now that you’ve completed the book – what are you going to do from tomorrow on?”

“I’m going to look for a publisher naturally. And I should inform you that I’m going to Playa Del Carmen next week,” I replied cheerfully.

“Oh my God! Really? Are you going to Playa Del Carmen again? Why?” he was a bit perplexed.

“Because I want to see Ramon again and want to cool off a bit, you know. I’ve had been writing the book, like a blessed cenobite last four months without any rest. Thus, I need a vacation. Of course, I’ll try to find a publisher over there though.”

He advised me with a full of good intention, “I understand you, but if you want to find a publisher, you should stay here. Believe me, Shogo, all major publishers are located in Mexico City. Many artists come to Mexico City to seek for opportunities from all over the world. I really don’t think that it is good idea for you to look for a publisher in Playa Del Carmen, where only provides tourism, parties, and vacation.”

I lit a cigarette and puffed in the air. My eyes glinted a full of life, “Thanks for the advice. But you should understand I really need beautiful oceans and beaches to feel at home. I love Playa Del Carmen so much. I really want to take a vacation for a while because I deserve it. And don’t worry, brother, I’ll come back here in two or three weeks. And then we’ll have a time to hang around.”

“You are a very lucky bird, Shogo. Enjoy Playa Del Carmen. I’ll miss you, man.”

I drunk a bottle of water to quench my thirst and inquired, “By the way, how is your business going on?”

“It’s getting better. As you know, I’ve been building three houses in this year; I intend to build five houses next year. It’s a very slow process, but my business has been expanding, bit by bit,” he answered proudly.

“I’m glad to hear that your business is boosting.”

“Muchas gracias, amigo.”

I Have Great News

I dropped my backpack on the table and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I drunk it and let myself plop down the couch. And then I looked at his eyes rapturously and announced mightily, “Today I have great news for you, amigo.”

“What is it? Tell me, Shogo. Tell me about it right now!” he was excited, breathing heavily.

I declared slowly, “I FINISHED WRITNG THE BOOK.”

“Deveras, amigo?”

I nodded twice and gave out pompously, “Yap, Jorgito. I did it.”

“Oh my God! It is the greatest news I’ve ever heard from you. Felicidades, amigo!”

With that, he gave me another warm hug.

I was standing up and starting to express my gratitude ceremoniously, “Jorgito, I want to say something. Because of you, I could finish writing the book.”

Here he interrupted me by wringing his right hand, “No, no, Shogo, please don’t begin it because I’m too sensitive.”

“Jorgito, I know you’re very sensitive but please let me finish it.”

“Okay, amigo. Go ahead. My ears are all yours,” he yield with moisten eyes.

“Jorgito, you’re the reason I could finish writing the book. You’re the one, who asked me to come to Mexico in order to write the book. If you hadn’t offered me this golden opportunity, I would’ve been still suffering in Japan. You’ve constantly encouraged me and made my dream come true. Many thanks for your friendship. I just want you to know what you’ve done for me is beyond appreciation.”

“You’re very welcome, Shogo!” he stood up touchingly, with a strange, sparkling glint on his eyes, and then he gave me a strong handshake.

Delighted to See You

When I came back to the apartment, Jorgito was sitting on the couch, propping on his elbows. As soon as he caught a glimpse of my shadow stretching out the living room, he sprung up, trotted toward me with a huge grin, and said abruptly, “Where have you been, idiot?” And without hearing my reply, offered me a handshake, gave me an amiable hug, and patted my back twice.

I was a little surprised to see him and asked, “How did you get into the apartment? Where is Gerardo?”

He bellyached with a glint of suspicion in his eyes, “Idiot! I was waiting for you here. Did you check a text message? I sent you the message that I want to see you and would be waiting for you in front of your apartment, but you didn’t answer. About forty-five minutes ago, Gerardo came back. We called you a couple of times, but you didn’t pick up the stupid mobile phone. And then Gerardo beat it again about twenty minutes ago. He’s hit the road to El Apache Loco with Jessica. Where were you, man?”

“Lo siento, amigo. My mobile phone was in my backpack, so I couldn’t hear anything. Besides, I forgot everything today except my book. Anyway, I’m delighted to see you here, Jorgito.”

“Same to you, amigo. You’ve always busy writing the book recently and don’t go out with us anymore. I just come here to check if you are fine, you know….”

I Just Met God

Heading to the apartment, I was thinking what just happened. “I am very sure that I just met God,” I talked to myself excitingly, “yes, it was God. I discernibly felt the presence when the vigorous gust attacked my table. What’s more, I unmistakably heard someone calling my name and perceptibly felt someone touching my right cheek. It was God who brought my first reward from heaven with the cryptic gust. It was so strange; it was a matter of seconds. I have never experienced such a mystic gust in all my life. Yap, it was definitely God; it was beyond any doubt. I met Him the very first time in my life,” I nodded in high spirit. “I cannot believe in my own luck! I have just completed writing my first book for six hours and already received the first reward. What’s more, God himself has delivered it from the heaven. I love my life enormously. It is too much! What an auspicious beginning!” I yelled at the full moon beside myself. The particular passage from Old Testament cropped up in my mind out of the blue: The Lord said to Moses, “I have heard the murmurings of the people of Israel; say to them, At twilight you shall eat flesh, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread; then you shall know that I am The Lord your God.’”

“It is heavenly manna!” I cried out with relish. “Thank God, I understand everything!” On my way to the apartment, I was constantly jumping in the air, clapping my feet, and yodeling at the top of my voice.

I Felt the Most Wonderful Sensation in My Life

Here suddenly, the wind was blowing a strong gust from east. My napkin was flown away by the mysterious blast. It was actually for few seconds. And I felt the most wonderful sensation in my life. While the forceful gust was driving away the napkin, I definitely heard that someone called my name and definitely felt that something affectionately stroked my right cheek. Thereupon, I sprung up and looked around left, right, and in all directions but could not see anyone whom I could recognize. I did not comprehend anything, so I said aloud, “Yes” but got no response. I even winked in all directions, but it was no use. I was flabbergasted with overwhelming sensation and stupefied by a ghostly apparition for two minutes. After the brief period of bewilderment, I finally decided to go inside to get another napkin.

Coming back to the table – I was about to sit down, a man who was sitting right next to my table said, “Amigo, you dropped your money under the chair.”

At first I did not understand anything, because my wallet was in my jeans’ back pocket. Thus, I uttered, “What did you say?”

“Amigo, your money is under your chair.”

I looked at under the chair. Lo and behold, there were shining three bills lying on the ground. In fact, there were twenty, fifty, and hundred notes under the chair. I picked them up without thinking and casually stashed them into my wallet, as if they rightly belonged to me. And then I gave voice, “Gracias, amigo. Se lo agradezco mucho.”

“De nada, amigo,” he replied with a cordial smile.

As soon as I heard his positive reply, I cleared out as naturally as possible.