Two Minutes-Betrayal

He revealed the great tragedy, displaying a rueful smile on his lips, “Shogo, it was so simple. We went to Roxy and saw Clarissa and other Brazilians were there. We talked with them and sat down around the same table. And there were several Canadian guys as well. We were talking and drinking. And suddenly, I saw Clarissa kissing a Canadian guy, I am sorry, man. And then I suddenly felt I wanted to take a leak, so I went to a bathroom. Can you beat it? I went to a bathroom for just two minutes and came back to the table. Lo and behold, Maria was kissing a Canadian guy! I could not believe in my own eyes!”

His tearjerker finished me helplessly, and I burst out laughing uproariously about a minute. And then I driveled, “What an idiot! Just two minutes? She kissed another guy? What a shame, man, ha-ha-ha….”

“Well, I don’t know, man. Maybe, it was not two minutes; it might’ve been five minutes. It doesn’t matter anymore because it had already happened. Oh, son of bitch, stop laughing, it still hurts my feeling,” he grimaced embarrassingly.

“I’m sorry, Gerardo. But really? Just two minutes?  Did she cheat on you right under your nose? Sorry, I should zip my mouth, but I’ve never heard such like two minutes-betrayal, ha-ha-ha….”

“Of course, man, no one heard such an unholy deed! But what can I say about it? Even myself, I still refuse to believe it, but it had actually happened.”

“What did you do when you saw she was kissing the Canadian prick? Did you challenge a duel to him?” I asked teasingly.

“No, my friend. I didn’t say anything – I was so shocked and just left. Even worse, I didn’t remember how I get back to my homestay. I must’ve been walking on streets like a somnambulist. I was struck as if by a bolt of lightning. I swayed, fell, and fainted. I wept throughout the night,” he replied, in faltering voice.

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