Shame on You!

“Moron!” I barked. “What? Were you comforted by my tragedy? You found a consolation from my misery! Shame on you! I easily understood what you felt that night though.”

I looked at the wall pensively and continued investigating the particular night: “Who cares now, my friend? It was ten years ago, you know…. But I don’t understand how it happened? How did Maria and you happen to be at the same place? I did not understand anything, man. Please explain me clearly?”

“Because we were dating that night.”

“What? Maria and you were dating? And she cheated on you? I don’t comprehend anything. Explain me how it exactly happened?” I was totally perplexed.

“As I told you, Maria and I were dating that night. We were very happy as if heaven opened before our eyes and enjoyed ambling on Robson Street, hand in hand, you know…. We went to a movie and ate a sumptuous dinner. And then we decide to go to Roxy in order to consummate our love.”

“But how come? Maria and you were dating and went to Roxy together. And how did you find that Maria and Clarissa cheated on us?”

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