My First Love Cheated on Me

“I know Maria had contaminated your pure heart, because you told me numerous times, but I’m curious when the first time you witnessed her unfaithful act? I knew she was apostate at regular intervals, but tell me what exactly happened at the first place?”

He drunk a bottle of water and looked outside poignantly for a while. And then he opened his wound:

                       Once upon a time, a Mexican

                                                       Lad gave his heart to a

                                                       Brazilian damsel ultimately

                                                       Filled with love that’s pure

                                                       And true to my first love….

“It was a Wednesday night. Maria and I went to Roxy. I remember the episode vividly, since it was not only me, but you were cheated that night as well. Can you beat it? We both were cheated at the same night and the same place? What a stupid coincidence, ha-ha-ha….”

“I know, man, my first love cheated on me because you told me. But I’ve never asked you the detail, so what happened exactly?”

“Well, my friend, don’t cry, ha-ha-ha….  As I told you, we were at Roxy. To begin with, I saw Clarissa kissing a Canadian guy. I thought why she kissed him, since she was your girlfriend. I thought she was very pure. I did not understand how she could cheat on you. I was very shocked to see her unfaithful act and angry with her for your sake. I felt so bad and was sorry for you. And the time had elapsed. Lo and behold, I saw Maria kissing another Canadian guy. I could not believe in my own eyes, but it actually happened right before my own eyes. Anyway, I have to tell you the truth. I was glad that I was not only one to be cheated that night, but you were cheated to boot. Please don’t be mad at me. I was indeed relieved in the fact that we both were cheated on the same night, but not only me. I’m sorry, man, I have to tell you the truth, ha-ha-ha….”


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