Finding the Right Person Is My Eternal Quest

Here I let myself laugh like a nutcase. The tears were rolling down my face. He took my laughter as an insult and got angry, shouting, “Son of bitch! Is this funny to you? Really, my friend? Is this funny to you, eh? I’m divulging my deepest secret with you, and you’re laughing at it! What sort of a friend are you? I was expecting sympathy from you!”

“I’m sorry, Gerardo. But again, my friend? Again starting yesterday’s song and dance? Christ, cheating is your eternal theme!” I said, wiping my tears.

“Of course, man! This is very important to me, as your book is important to you. Finding the right person is my eternal quest. For heaven’s sake, what will happen if I meet the right person, but my steel heart doesn’t recognize her? I’m talking about my Lois Lane, you know….”

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